We are an education and training company, with over 20 years Military and Civilian experience in Emergency Medical Field and Firearms Training.  


Our history started in 1991 with the Owner Shawn Miller who came from the US Army as a Medic for nine years, Shawn then in 1999 move into the civilian world and has worked since then as EMT,  Paramedic/ Firefighter and currently a Deputy Chief for a local Fire Department.  



Shawn had started The Moulage Medic in 2000 to provide hyper realistic-makeup wounds and injuries to scenarios to induce stress and desensitize the trainees the minds so that, in a real emergency a person can respond with the increased levels of accuracy, precision, and concentration.



We have come along way since starting up just creating scenarios, to where we are now a NAEMT training site, AHA CPR instructor, NRA Firearms Instructor's, dealer for North American Rescue and Ultimate Training Munitions UTM.


Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need,  Treatment patients with medical or severe traumatic injuries in all conditions and Fundamental understanding and usage of all forms of Firearms, though concealed carry to tactical usage.  We will continue to provide you with the original Hyper-Realistic Moulage that has brought us this far.  


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